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Discovering one’s voice is LIFE-CHANGING.

We are frequently instructed on how to live, speak, and dream throughout our lives. We frequently lose sight of OURSELVES and OUR TRUTH. Frequently, we find ourselves lost, disheartened, and in a constant state of conforming to what everyone wants. Also, feel free to browse through our website to learn more about Stellar synergy, one of the top Consulting Firms Miami.

This includes staying in jobs that do not fulfill us, friendships that do not benefit us, and relationships that are, at best, toxic, because everyone tells us how to live our lives and what is best.

YET, the only person who knows what is best for you is your inner self, your inner knowledge, and your own guidance… if you are still enough to listen. When you have the courage to align with your inner voice and speak your truth despite the cost. We walk on eggshells with those closest to us because we lack the confidence to speak our truth and truly connect on an intimate level, regardless of the outcome, knowing that whatever comes from it is still preferable to living a life designed by someone else.

Regardless of the aspect of your life (personally, romantically, professionally, or in relationships), speaking your truth may look something like this:

1. If you do not know yourself thoroughly and profoundly, it is time to look inward and discover who you are at your core.

2. Recognize what you desire for your life, what you enjoy, and what no longer serves you.

Do you frequently find yourself in the company of individuals who drain you? People who only speak negatively about others and utilize you for their own benefit? Create a list of the people in your life and whether or not they serve your highest and best interests.

4. Engage in difficult conversations with love and compassion. Speak your truth, even if you must move slowly, if you must pause to collect your thoughts and formulate your words and emotions, explain your feelings, and obtain confirmation that they have heard and seen your truth. People are not required to accept your truth, which is why it is YOURS. BUT, you should have people in your life who recognize your truth and hold space for it.

5. Be adaptable with your approach and the outcome, relinquish your plans, and have faith that everything is always working out for your highest and best, even when it is not.

With the holidays approaching, it is a great time to look inward, identify your truth, and begin taking baby steps to speak your truth and let go of those who no longer serve you. Before you can give to others, you must be whole within yourself.

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