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as Miami’s Premier Boutique Consulting Firm and Fractional COO Specialist!

consulting firm miami
consulting firm miami
consulting firm miami

"I love to work with organizations that want to impact change and treat their people like people and not numbers."

We Understand the Struggle You are Facing to Attract and Retain Talent in Today's Workforce.

Any gratifying job requires that people are willing and able to bring their whole selves to work. To do so effectively, they must prepare themselves in a way that allows them to give 110%—emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. As leaders, we naturally assume this.

Our passion is to create synergy between the business strategy and talent strategy, while optimizing for talent (people). Ensuring you have the right people in the right positions, being led according to their work styles, overlapped by the department’s strategy.

Business Excellence is generated by having structure and coordination of action. Most organizations and business leadership can do one of these really well. Most organizations are missing the key component of driving business excellence through a coordination of action leader on their team.

consulting firm miami
consulting firm miami

Today’s Leaders and Companies Face Unprecedented Difficulties

To assure success, Stellar Synergy provides people and organizations with the tools they need to unleash sustainable performance and efficiency while connecting the four bodies (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual).

Today’s leaders and companies face unprecedented difficulties, ranging from establishing a new hybrid workplace to supply chain disruption to keeping excellent personnel in the face of high attrition and resignation rates.

People are the limited and defining resource that drives a company’s productivity and expansion. We also know that healthy businesses outperform their competitors. The capacity to attract and retain excellent talent, produce inclusive and inspiring leaders, invest in the essential competencies to meet business goals, and design an organization to enable space for speed and innovation are the differentiators for enterprises today.

Who We Are

Barbara Exposito is the visionary force behind Stellar Synergy, a dynamic consultancy that offers consulting services to individuals, leaders, and organizations. With a profound desire to facilitate transformative change from within, Barbara brings a wealth of expertise acquired over her distinguished career. Having worked with organizations ranging from 1-10 employees to over 4,000 employees. 

As a Fractional COO, Barbara possesses a deep understanding of operational excellence, providing invaluable insights and strategies for achieving profitability and success. Her role extends beyond the traditional, encompassing Keynote Speaking engagements that inspire and inform, as well as Mindset Coaching that empowers individuals to reach their full potential.

At Stellar Synergy, Barbara combines her diverse skill set to deliver a holistic approach to personal and organizational growth, igniting positive transformations that resonate from the inside out.

Barbara Exposito

Stellar Synergy - Consulting Firm Miami

consulting firm miami

Why is Stellar Synergy Right for You?

By hiring Stellar Synergy (consulting firm in Miami) you are bringing in an experienced professional with a fresh perspective, capable of identifying operational inefficiencies and implementing strategic changes. Barbara’s expertise offers her clients cost-effective access to high-level leadership, typically unaffordable for a struggling business on a full-time basis. Her expertise can be instrumental in revitalizing the company’s strategy, improving financial stability, and guiding it back to a path of growth and success.

Additionally, her proficiency in the PI Index Performance Test provides data-driven insights into personnel management, enabling informed decisions that drive success.