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We are an extension of your business; we work with you and your leadership team to identify all the things in your business that you know you should do but don’t have the time or skill to do. We are the eyes, ears, and hands of the management team that works on behalf of the team. 





In a time when business owners are expected to prioritize customer satisfaction and experience by offering high-quality products or services, being able to adapt to changing market conditions and economic challenges, making strategic decisions to ensure success, and being available 24/7 through online platforms, we are the only consulting firm that offers COO services at a fractional capacity for businesses ranging from $5M to $250M across the United States.

Why You Need a Fractional COO

Simple COO also known as Fractional COO — We touch the entire organization and bring forward key items that will impact the business. We identify the right change at the right time and work to ensure the success of completion. 

I work with owners, leaders and individuals in coordination of action, to optimize people powering businesses. As  PI Partner, I use The Predictive Index software suite to coach owners, leaders and individuals to gain self-awareness, particularly around what motivates them, their team, and what activities or obstacles feel draining. Reflect on whether or not they are in a role that truly energizes and excites them, versus one that asks them to perform tasks and duties that are exhausting.

Common Questions About Coordination of Action Partner

Leadership Coaching is……

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