Redefine Her Mastermind

A Women’s Collaborative Community by Barbara Exposito, Stellar Synergy

What is Redefine Her Mastermind

Redefine Her Mastermind is an exclusive experience for Women entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders from every industry. The purpose of Redefine Her Mastermind is to gather women entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders in the same room who are already seeing success in some or all areas to connect, learn and grow with like minded individuals. We want every member to be in alignment to authenticity, growth, leadership, purpose and a positive influence on those around them.

What are the Pillars of Redefine Her Mastermind?

As women, we are in a constant season of redefining ourselves, sometimes that come through our life events and other times it comes from really self reflecting on what we want more of in our life. We believe that Redefine Her speaks to our invitation that it's okay to redefine ourselves regardless of the season we are in through authenticity, growth, leadership and purpose.

How Can I Join?

Redefine Her Mastermind is open for our annual membership.

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Redefine Her Mastermind is for you if you’re: 

✔ Ready to commit for twelve months to create the life and business you desire

✔ Ready to align to your authenticity, growth, leadership and purpose

✔ Committed to expediential growth and support in your personal and professional life 

✔ Committed to carving out time once a month to meet in person or remotely to journey through our Redefine Her Blueprint

✔Committed to cheer yourself and our Redefine her Mastermind group, along with community accountability, growth, referral and overall support 

Schedule a call to learn how Redefine Her Mastermind helps you build a life and business you love!

"It has been my dream to create a place to connect and find resources for life, motherhood, entrepreneurship, marriage, divorce, kids, co-blending, healing, life + more! If you are in any of these seasons of life, I can't wait for you to join us at the Redefine Her Mastermind Community."