Looking for love?

Aren’t we all? In reality, the only thing we really want out of life is to be loved unconditionally for who we are. We go through life looking for love in people, things, experiences — when truly, love is within us. When we are nurtured in our self and confident in who we are and pour into our own cups, we do not have to hold on tightly to other people, things or experiences. We are whole in who we are, we have all of the love within that we are searching for. We give ourselves up for our children, significant others, family, friends, work, etc only to find a void because it can’t be fueled by something or someone else. When we go inward and really reflect on ourselves, the love that we must give to ourselves and our value — we are better equipped to love others and share our gifts with the world and those in our lives. Love yourself first above all, some days self-love is hard to find, but that is when you have to dig a little deeper into gratitude for who you are! You a powerful badass — self love first.

Love & Light,

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